Orthodontics today

Dr. Maurilo de Mello Lemos, as a PhD, Master and Specialist in Orthodontics, Facial Orthopedics and Invisalign Doctor concerned with the excellence of the work he does for the well-being of his patients, is always up-to-date, participating in various national and international courses and congresses, taking to his private practice modern treatment techniques, recognized worldwide, aiming at constant improvement of the technical services provided, guided by ethics and professional responsibility.

This conduct is complemented by the performance in the educational field, given the performance as a former coordinator and former professor of undergraduate and graduate studies at Guarulhos University (UnG).

Invisible aligners- Invisalign®
Invisible aligners are another option that can also be considered involving the aesthetic need and associated with a shorter duration of orthodontic treatment.

This type of device has a predictability of the treatment time that can be indicated by the amount of aligners that should be used by the patient.

Ceramic brackets
Currently we see a concern of patients with respect to aesthetics.

In this sense, we can offer the patient treatment with aesthetic ceramic brackets that seek to minimize the effect of the "metallic smile".

Self-ligating brackets
The main difference between self-ligating brackets in relation to conventional brackets is the absence of an elastic bandage (the colored elastic used to hold the wire in the bracket), which promotes a decrease in the friction of the wire during some stages of treatment.

We can explain that the elastic in contact with the appliance wire does not allow the teeth to slide so that they align quickly.

As the friction is less due to the absence of elastic, the teeth move more freely, generating less discomfort for patients and greater efficiency of movement.

The absence of elastic ligatures promotes less accumulation of food waste, making the appliance easier to clean.