Adult Orthodontics

Invisible aligners

With the popularization of orthodontic appliances and lately invisible aligners.

The search for faster results and improved esthetics are the most prevalent factors in the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment among adults.
Invisalign Case
















Anterior open bite

Before and after images with anterior open bite corrected using a fixed appliance.

The search for an orthodontic correction to achieve a harmonious smile and restoration of oral health among adult patients is very frequent.

The reduction of the distance between the anterior teeth, which greatly compromised esthetics, was achieved and the smile harmony was re-established.

Upper anterior crowding with 1 tooth extraction

In some orthodontic plans, it is necessary to extract the teeth in order to obtain the space for the alignment of the teeth.
Oclusal intermediáriaFrontal intermediária


Protrusion of anterior teeth with 2 teeth extractions

The number of teeth selected for extraction may vary according to the degree of complexity of the malocclusion.